Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to Refocus a Meeting After Someone Interrupts?

     Conducting an effective meeting can produce a good result and help to achieve the organization goals. "Meetings in the workplace regularly bring people together to share information, develop strategies, work toward common goals and celebrate successes" (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2009, p.1). Planning, following the agenda, set appropriate time and encouraging participants for a feedback are some ways to run an active meeting. Despite diligence, the meeting could be interrupted by a lot of internal or external factors.

     One of strong internal factor that can interrupt the meeting is the participants. “When someone interrupts you, blocks you, or otherwise thwarts your intended action, it’s natural to feel upset” (Knight, 2015). Interruptions at the wrong time can affect the meeting and have serious consequences. Loss of concentration is one of major issues of interrupting while talking which will cause consume a time during the meeting (Carrier, 2009). Also, interrupting may expose the leader to possible awkward situation which may affect the relationship between the members. Handling the situation properly by the leader can help to overcome any cons.      

      Dealing with interruption is the key if the meetings will continue effectively or will end with bad results. It is important to lead and respond rather than getting emotional and acting with anger because this will lose the trust between the members (Coetser, 2015). Knight (2015) adviced the leader of the meeting to react with humor, kindness and inclusion. Moreover, modulating tone of voice and inflection when respond to the person who is interrupting and talk in frustrated way are some ways to react in proper way in front of the members.




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